Open Source LIMS for Regulated Industries

Sawubona, Wamkelekile! 

Welcome to Bika's ISO 17025 ready demonstration installation for regulated Cannabis testing - Microbiology and Chemistry focused on Cannabinoids, Terpenes and various hazardous extraction and cultivation residues

Access for lab manager credentials. Please include information about your lab, nature of tests, region and yourself for best assistance. We also want to preserve the demo's look and feel;-)

This demo runs on version 1.3 of the Senaite code base, enhanced and configured for Cannabis testing laboratories. Licensing, State specifications, COA, Sample Chain of Custody, bulk image uploads, Unit conversion and METRC features

A Bika Cannabis 2 project kicked off early 2021, to refactor and future proof these cannabis specific add-ons, and enhance others on the new Bika Senaite 2 core

Issues. Informative bug reports are greatly appreciated, please log your finds in the Cannabis Demo tracker, and do not hesitate to  with any questions you might have


Please see the new Bika LIMS User Manual and first training videos,

Bika Open Source LIMS video 16 Batch Sample registration

Bika Open Source LIMS video 16 Receiving and labelling Samples

Bika Open Source LIMS video 16 Worksheets

Bika Open Source LIMS video 16 Results Publication

Post questions and comment to the Bika user group or in  . Do Google first, there is a big Bika knowledge base online. More on the Community pages


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